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Graphenoil is privately held, specializing in modern petroleum products. Whether you're looking for single use retail applications, distributorships for resale, or full capacity transport loads for use in OEM and Manufacturing or Government, Military, and Law Enforcement, Graphenoil can supply the products, services, and logistics needed.

Graphenoil was born from years of research and development. What started out as a performance engine treatment, slowly developed into the most advanced and innovative Oils and Lubricants on the market.

Using new technologies and materials, Graphenoil has been able to push the limits with traditional oils. Increasing performance, lifespan, uptime, and decreasing costs, maintenance, and downtime.


Graphenoil utilizes pure Graphene, the "Wonder Material." As compared to milled down graphite, pure Graphene, is the single atomic layer of Carbon. With the most records, Graphene in its truest form holds the titles of: Strongest Material, Thinnest Material, Lightest Material, Highest Tensile, Most Impermeable, Highest Thermal Conductivity, Best Light Absorbent, and the Highest Lubricity (aka Superlubricity).

Due to these features, when incorporated into an oil, such as Graphenoil, lower temperature operation and lower friction equals higher performance.

Graphenoil is a Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business (VOSB)

Made in U.S.A

Tracey Marquart Graphenoil CEO and Founder

Tracey Marquart Sr.

Founder and CEO

Business and Entrepreneur veteran, Tracey Sr. served in the U.S. Army and has a leadership resume that includes; Super Lube, Lubrication Station, Jiffy Lube, Terrible Herbst Oil Company, and Extreme Polymers to name a few.

Tracey Marquart Graphenol CIO and Founder

Tracey Marquart Jr.
Co-Founder and CIO

As a scholar, Tracey Jr. graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Quadruple Baccalaureate in Business Administration. His resume includes: Co-Founder of Extreme Polymers LLC and Managing Partner with Innovative Aspects.