Not just a finished product...

Graphenoil provides services from custom orders and oil blends to private labeling and from full capacity loads to complete logistics.

Whether you're a small family owned and operated facility or a Forbes 500 Corporation, Graphenoil can accommodate your needs.

Contact us directly for Graphene Oil and Lubricant services.

custom blending

Our Graphene with your favorite oil brand. Custom formulation and Graphene infusion.

private branding

Private labeling for OEMs, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers.

full capacity loads

Truck, Rail, or Ship Loads. Our partner facilities can accommodate over 3 Million Gallons.

Complete logistics

From concept to doorstep. Graphenoil will assist with mixing, packaging, shipping, and follow up.


A highly refined product line...

Graphenoil is about getting results. Our Product Portfolio does just that. Our product line includes: Graphenoil Lubrication Modifiers, Graphenoil Motor Oils, and Specialty Lubricants. Graphenoil provides you with the products you need and want.

Products are available in many sizes from pints and quarts to 55 gallon drums, totes, and container loads.

If you are looking for OEM, Manufacturer, Wholesale, Distributor, Retailer, or Installer pricing and quantities, please contact us directly.

Lubrication Modifiers

Graphenoil Lubrication Modifier: a Graphene Engine Treatment concentrate. For use in your favorite motor oil brand, or Graphenoil Motor Oils.

  • Full Synthetic

  • ASTM Tested

  • Contains Graphene

Motor Oils

Graphenoil Motor Oil is designed to become your favorite motor oil brand, and works harmoniously with Graphenoil Lubrication Modifier to deliver results.

  • Full Synthetic

  • API Certified

  • ASTM Tested


All Purpose Lubricants along with specialty products, unique oils and applications. R&D is the driving force behind our innovative products.

  • All Purpose Lubricants

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • R&D Products (coming soon)

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