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Graphene Metal Finish Kit:



Metal Finish is a hand anodized coating built on the power of Graphene. Metal Finish developed by IA Coatings is the perfect choice for quick touch up on black colored projects. Metal Finish was developed for one of the leading firearm optic manufacturers and is the only coating to pass every one of their tests.


The kit also includes Graphenoil Surface Cleaner. Surface Cleaner is a Graphene all purpose cleaner that can be used on a variety of substrates and projects.



Apply Surface Cleaner to the affected area and clean using a microfiber cloth or cotton swab and dry. Once the surface is clean, apply Metal Finish directly on the affected area using acotton swab, allow the coating to fully dry and cure.


(Contains Graphene)

Graphene Metal Finish Kit

    • Great for small Touch Ups
    • Hand Anodizing
    • Black
    • Contains Graphene
    • Kit Includes: 1 - 15ml Graphenoil Surface Cleaner and 1 - 10ml IA Coatings Metal Finish

    Metal Finish SDS
    Surface Cleaner SDS | TDS

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