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Graphenoil Armor Coat:



Armor Coat by Graphenoil is a total surface protectant for vehicle surfaces infused with nanotechnology, silicones, and Graphene. Leaving behind a long lasting and deep color protection, and incredible gloss. Armor coat offers a good level of protection alone, leaving a silica-rich film behind that helps repel water, dirt, and other pollutants, keeping your car cleaner in automatic car wash equipment. Use it on a non-coated car to add water beading properties, or on a coated car to revitalize the existing coating and protection.



Apply to a cool surface. Apply using a mitt or microfiber towel. Before product dries, rinse well with cold water. Best results occur from a high-pressure rinse. Product is Ready to Use (RTU): Do not dilute.


Containing Graphene and TiO2 for additional benefits, longer use, UV resistance, and less evaporation.


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Armor Coat

PriceFrom $9.95
  • Graphenoil Armor Coat

    • Total surface protectant
    • Ready to Use
    • Water based

    Contains: Graphene and TiO2
    SDS | TDS

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