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Graphene Lubrication Modifier:

The First and Original "Graphene" Engine Treatment!

Graphene Lubrication Modifier is a Full Synthetic Engine Treatment built on our Graphene Oil Additive Package. Utilizing the newly discovered element of Graphite called Graphene, Graphene Lubrication Modifier takes performance oil treatments to the next level. Graphene, “the wonder material” is the single atomic layer of Graphite. In the purest form, Graphene is the lightest and thinnest, strongest and most durable, most impermeable, and highest thermally conductive material known to exist. Graphene also has the highest lubricity or lowest coefficient of friction of any material.

Due to the specific properties of Graphene, Graphene Lubrication Modifier not only treats the oil, it changes the molecular structure to increase performance. Specific performance values will be noted in improved maintenance and lifespan of the engine, noise reduction, weather protection, corrosion control, and operation under extreme temperatures (including cold starts).

Treat your favorite oil at a recommended 10% of volume or use as a standalone all-purpose lubricant.


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Lubrication Modifier Oil Treatment

PriceFrom $29.99
  • Graphene Lubrication Modifier

    • Engine Treatment
    • Graphene
    • Full Synthetic
    • Gas and Diesel Engines
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Compressors
    • Stand alone All-Purpose Lubricant
    • ASTM Tested

    Contains: Graphene and Petroleum Distillates.
    SDS | TDS

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