Light Graphene Oil:


Utilizing the newly discovered element of Graphite called Graphene, Graphenoil makes for an excellent oil. Graphene, “the wonder material” is the single atomic layer of Graphite. In the purest form, Graphene is the lightest and thinnest, strongest and most durable, most impermeable, and highest thermally conductive material known to exist. Graphene also has the highest lubricity or lowest coefficient of friction of any material.


Due to the specific properties of Graphene, Graphenoil Light Oil is an excellent choice for precision oil needs such as; sewing, arts and crafts, hobbies, knives, firearms, automotive, bicycles, and more. Specific performance values will be noted in improved maintenance and functionality, noise reduction, weather protection, corrosion control, friction reduction, and operation under extreme temperatures.


Product contains Graphene.

Light Graphene Oil