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Graphenoil Carpet Guard:



Graphenoil Carpet Guard is a water-based Carpet Protector. Dirt, soils, and dust do not adhere well to the fluorocarbon fiber coating when used on carpets and upholstery. The result is that treated fibers look cleaner and brighter for longer periods of time between cleanings. Carpet Guard is very durable. Most of the treatment remains after extraction cleaning. If retreating, use only one half the suggested level of original treatment.



Vacuum, remove spots, and clean carpet in a manner that will leave the carpet as residue free as possible. Apply Carpet Guard between 12-18 inches away from carpet. Apply in one direction, and then apply in opposite direction for even application. Do not overapply, as excessive moisture and dulling can occur. Product is Ready to Use (RTU): Do not dilute.


Containing Graphene and TiO2 for additional benefits, longer use, UV resistance, and less evaporation.


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Carpet Guard

  • Graphenoil Carpet Guard

    • Carpet Protector
    • Goes on Clear
    • Ready to Use
    • Does not discolor
    • Water based

    Contains: Graphene and TiO2
    SDS | TDS

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