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Graphenoil Descaler:



Graphenoil Descaler is a synthetic acid with surfactant base green chemical agents for the safe removal of rust and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, and other substrates. Graphenoil Descaler is a highly concentrated chemical emulsion, designed to replace corrosive acids and flammable compounds. It is environmentally safe, containing the newest research in chemical technology, and proven one of the most aggresive aquesous descalers. It is also a great product for the removal of ash and scale from a burn-off oven process.



Descaler is a stable chemical formulation which is designed for a safe acid cleaning process. The product can be sprayed on, or parts can be soaked to remove contamination. Flash rust and light scale can be removed on contact, while heavy rust and scale may be soaked for several hours or overnight. Descaler will clean and etch concrete to prep for concrete coating systems. Used ambient. Rinse with clean water. Product is Ready to Use (RTU): Do not dilute.



Containing Graphene for additional benefits, longer use, UV resistance, and less evaporation.


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PriceFrom $9.95
  • Graphenoil Descaler

    • Rust and Scale Remover
    • Water Based
    • Green Chemical Agent
    • USDA Approved for all departments
    • Contains Graphene

    Contains: Graphene
    SDS | TDS

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