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Graphenoil Fabric Protector:



Fabric Protector by Graphenoil is a non-toxic and non-allergenic eco-friendly Fabric Protector. For use on fabrics and upholstery to help remove dirt and stains, as well as repel liquids. Utilizing nano material Graphene, Fabric Protector is a self-cleaning and breathable coating that will retain the natural look and feel.



Prior to application: Thoroughly clean and/or vacuum surface. Application: Shake well. Check for color fastness on a small area. Spray evenly until material becomes moist. If needed apply two coats on thicker materials. All 12-24 hours for the coating to dry. In case of a spill: DO NT SCRUB. Product is Ready to Use (RTU): Do not dilute.


Containing Graphene and TiO2 for additional benefits and longer use.


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Fabric Protector

  • Graphenoil Fabric Protector:

    • Fabric Protector
    • Ready to Use
    • Water based

    Contains: Graphene and TiO2
    SDS | TDS

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